Send scanned files anytime, anywhere

Office workers are very in need, and it is convenient to send scanned documents to customers when going out, and it can also synchronize between different devices

Automatic sharpening and brightening

Automatic sharpening and brightening when the image is scanned to generate PDF, very practical, there are many export methods, and cloud backup

Must-have for students with sore hands

With OCR recognition, the long text of the picture instantly changes to text, a must for students who are sore in typing

Enjoy the convenience of scanning at any time

Scan, save, archive, upload, search, and easily collect and manage information anytime, anywhere

Cell phone scanner

Say goodbye to tedious operations, everything is done with one mobile phone

Image beautification

Automatically remove cluttered backgrounds, generate high-definition pictures and PDF files

Wireless printing

Support wireless printing, and can send faxes to many countries and regions around the world

Picture to text

Pictures instantly change to text, recognizing multiple languages

Sync anytime

Say goodbye to tedious operations, one mobile phone will do everything

Document sharing

Multiple sharing paths, including emails, links and other social accounts to share with friends

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